What is the meaning of faqs

what is the meaning of faqs

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and . " What the FAQ?". Eurogamer. Gamer Network. Retrieved 21 July. Definition of frequently asked questions (FAQ): Training or facilitation device that lists questions (with their answers) that are commonly asked by a new member. This page is designed to inform people what FAQ stands for! If you are looking for a page that will explain you what FAQ means, then this might be the only.

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Prior to the existence of the world-wide web, these would often be posted periodically to discussion lists. Linux vendor SUSE sees cloud-based containers as a service as a way to manage and orchestrate an explosion in use of application Company Home About News Press Awards Testimonials. This was last updated in September Explore complex aspects of REST-based development and discover how industry experts are addressing those challenges and securing APIs. Repeating the "right" answers becomes tedious, and went against developing netiquette. ISO name and logo Privacy and copyright Sitemap Jobs FAQs Contact ISO. Views Read Edit View history. JavaScript must be enabled to vote. The most useful FAQs are often found at a Web site you've discovered through other search approaches. To find a FAQ on a subject of interest for example, hedgehogsenter "faq and hedgehogs" without the quotes. Any change is hard, but moving to a lean QA organization is especially tricky. Retrieved from " https: ISO name and logo.


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